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Dwojaki is the next part of the toys from the Folk Story series. This is a game for young and old, which will arouse the thrill of all fans of competition, regardless of age. In addition, it is extremely simple, its rules can be summarized in one sentence.

First come first served!

By playing Dwojaki, you train sharpness, alertness and speed. A few games and you'll become lightning-fast and as perceptive as mama as you stealthily eat sweets.

What's going on here, or what is it all about?

There are several ways to play Dwojaki. In the instructions in the box you will find the two most popular ones. The best known is that we put a stack of cards in the middle with the pictures facing up. Each player receives one of the cards and places it face down in front of him. On the slogan "Hey" each player reveals his / her card. The winner is the one who first finds the same picture on his card and the card at the top of the pile.

Dwojaki is also a great way to learn folk dialects and customs. Each of the pictures refers to Polish folklore, an extensive legend on the back of the manual explains that no violin, only goose, and the girl in blue is a Kashubian girl.



  • A folk gift idea for every child
  • The rules of the game are extremely simple
  • Handy small package allows you to take the game on a trip
  • It teaches about folklore and tradition
  • Teaches folk dialect
  • A developing activity
  • It trains your perceptiveness
  • It presents folk customs and costumes in an accessible way
  • Fun for the whole family


Made in Poland

Pattern: all regions

The package contains: 45 cards, instruction with a list of regional symbols

Each card contains 8 symbols, card diameter: 9 cm

Type of packaging: cardboard box, soft touch paper

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age

Number of players: 2-8 players

Box dimensions: 15.5 x 14 x 5 cm

Designed by Folkstar in Łowicz


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