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"Forest raspberry" interior fragrance - black Łowicz
Because of our fragrances, the scent of forest raspberry will float in your home, wardrobe or car :) The fragrances in the bags are multifunctional - they both serve as refreshment and decoration, universal - everyone will find their favorite fragrance and aesthetic - the fragrances are in the form of a bag with a pattern Lowicz.

"Forest raspberry" interior fragrance - black Łowicz:

  • They will refresh the cottage, the car
  • Perfect for a shoe cabinet, bathroom or wardrobe
  • They will decorate the room
  • Floral, fruity, fresh fragrances
  • A bag decorated with a Lowicz pattern
  • Because the string, they can be easily hung
  • Will work as a gift


Made in Poland

Pattern: Black Łowicz

Smell: forest raspberry

Weight: 22g net

Bag dimensions:
- height: approx. 9 cm
- width: approx. 6 cm

It has a string with a length of approx. 20 cm

The bag contains ""fragrance pearls""

Designed by Folkstar in Łowicz

The packaging shows the production date, the expiry date - 3 years

"Forest raspberry" interior fragrance - black Łowicz

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