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Sports bag / backpack - highlander

Inspired by a traditional folk pattern known from folk scarves and a skirt made of a traditional highlander folk costume. The flowery motifs that decorate the backpack are stylized as highlander "Tibet" fabric. The leitmotif of highland decorations are: parzenice - embroidered on the pants and floral motifs decorating the skirts.

A backpack with string suspenders is a great solution for active people and travelers. The folk bag is light and will hold everything you need.


Sports bag / backpack - highlander:

  • in black with a colorful pattern
  • one-sided printing, black back
  • has a string harness (not adjustable, but if there is a need to shorten it, it is possible)
  • decorated with a folk pattern in black
  • the perfect solution for any outings: to the cinema, for a picnic, for a walk, for a bike or to the beach
  • also works as a gift

Made in Poland

Pattern: highlander

Hand wash at 30 ° C

Light, made of thin material - polyester

height: 42 cm
width: 34 cm
the length of the strings after downloading: 81 cm
+/- 1 cm


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