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Salt and pepper caster set 'Pola' and 'Tola' in a decorative box -Kashubian pattern

Like Batman & Robin, or Bolek & Lolek, 'Pola' salt caster and 'Tola' pepper caster are the best in a duo :)

A set of Kashubian salt and pepper casters is both an idea for a practical gift and an addition without which any housewife can't go on another day. Is your kitchen full of folk accessories? Do you already have mugs, gloves, and everything else? It is time for a new addition to your folk collection. The Kashubian pepper and salt caster set will add flavor to every dish, regardless of whether you are a master chef, or you may even burn water for tea ;) Pola salt caster and Tola pepper caster in a Kashubian box will add splendor to experienced cooks and spice up the skills of the amateur ones.

The set in a decorative box will be also a perfect gift. Both for cooking lovers and those who love small home gadgets. Their timeless design makes them suitable for both home kitchens and elegant tables.

The motif decorating the salt and pepper casters is inspired by traditional Kashubian embroidery. The main elements of the Kashubian floral motif are: carnations, pansies, clovers, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, lilies, and roses. They are made of light ceramics with a Kashubian pattern printed around each of them. What is more, Pola and Tola are packed in a decorative Kashubian box, which makes them a ready idea for a unique gift.


Salt and pepper caster set 'Pola' and 'Tola' in a decorative box -Kashubian pattern:

-the set includes  salt and pepper casters, packed in a Kashubian decorative box
-made of light ceramics
-Kashubian pattern around each piece
-with a rubber stopper on the bottom, allowing you to pour spices into them
-perfect as a gift
-a must-have in any folk kitchen interior


Pattern: Kashubian

-height: 9cm
-top diameter: 4cm
-bottom diameter: 5cm

decorative box with Kashubian pattern with dimensions of: 15 x 12 x 6 cm

Pattern designed by Folkstar in Łowicz


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