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Lanyard FOLK - highlander black

Lanyard for keys with highlander folk patterns. The lanyard is decorated with colorful flowers similar to those found on the highlander fabric called Tibet. The motif adorning the lanyard is inspired by the traditional folk pattern known from folk scarves and women's highlander clothes. The main elements of highland decorations are: parzenice - embroidered on the pants and floral motifs decorating skirts and scarves.

A popular lanyard will make your phone or keys always with you :))


Lanyard FOLK - highlander black:

  • the highlander leash impresses with its intense range of colors and interesting compositions
  • does not scratch when worn around the neck
  • durable and resistant to dyeing
  • the lanyard helps not to lose the keys
  • an original and small souvenir from Poland

Made in Poland

Pattern: highlander black

width: 2 cm,
length: 2 x 42 cm + 9 cm

Made of smooth tape

Double-sided print

Durable and dye-resistant

It does not scratch when worn around the neck

It has a phone hook and a metal carabiner


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