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Paper napkins – Łowicz pattern on black background

Paper napkins are a delicate ornament that will add a magical climate to your tableware. They are perfect for any special occasion, such as a weddings, birthdays or even children’s balls. Napkins with the Łowicz flower pattern are also perfect for Easter, as they will add a taste spring with their exceptional look. They will attract the attention of guests and it will actually be a pity to use them;)
We also offer other napkin designs, so you can mix them in order for your table to look amazing!
Are you making a gift for your loved ones? Maybe you bought someone a set of plates, cups or cutlery? Do you want to add something practical and elegant? Such napkins will be perfect for this and the recipient will be delighted!


Paper napkins - Łowicz pattern on black background:

  • folk-style napkins
  • table decoration
  • perfect for any special occasion
  • perfect for Easter
  • practical accessory
  • an interesting addition to a gift

Made in Poland

Pattern: Lowicz

hight: 33 cm
width: 33 cm

3-ply napkins

Packaging: packed in foil

20 pieces in pack


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