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Paper napkins – Łowicz pattern on white background

Such a small element, but napkins that properly match your tableware will add a magical atmosphere. Liven up your table and decorate it with our paper napkins with Łowicz flowers. Fold them as you like, create paper flowers out of them, or simply put them next to the plates and place your cutlery on them. It will add a spring atmosphere to your interior. At Easter, during breakfast or dinner with the family, they will be pleasing to the eye and attract the attention of guests.
Maybe you need something extra to add to a gift? Do you want to give someone a set of plates, cups or cutlery? Do you want to add something practical and elegant? Our paper napkins will be great for this! ;)

Paper napkins - Łowicz pattern on white background

  • folk-style napkins
  • table decoration
  • perfect for any special occasion
  • perfect for Easter
  • practical accessory
  • an interesting addition to a gift

Made in Poland

Pattern: Lowicz

hight: 33 cm
width: 33 cm

3-ply napkins

Packaging: packed in foil

20 pieces in pack


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