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Hip sachet, also known as a kidney or hip bag - Łowicz black

The motif adorning the women's sachet is inspired by traditional Lowicz cut-outs - the most recognizable symbol of Polish folklore. The basic elements of Lowicz cut-outs are roosters, peacocks and floral motifs. Cutouts are made by hand from colored paper, and this art is passed down from generation to generation. Elements of flowers and Łowicz cocks can be found in the styles from Łowicz designed by Folkstar.


Women's sachet / kidney with an adjustable strap - Łowicz black:

  • made of nylon
  • fastened with a zipper
  • it has an adjustable strap fastened with a plastic clasp
  • one-sided overprint, black back
  • great for the phone, keys and other small items that you have nothing to do with when you go cycling, rollerblading or trekking :)
  • perfect for a gift


Made in Poland

Pattern: Łowicz

24 cm x 13 cm
Min-max circumference: 83-116 cm


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