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Thermal mug 350 ml - white Lowicz pattern

Test it while travelling and during a walk. It is irreplaceable while driving, coffee will taste much better ;) Safe for home office use - the probability of flooding the laptop is minimal. We checked :)

Thermal mug 350 ml - white Lowicz pattern:

  • Decorated with your favorite Lowicz pattern
  • For coffee, tea and your favourite drinks
  • With a convenient lid allowing drinking from the spout
  • Fits most car drink holders
  • Tight like a bathtub stopper
  • Perfect as a gift


1. The temperature of the drink recommended by the producer is 60 degrees Celsius.
2. Hot liquid may burn the user.
3. Children can use the product only under adult supervision.
4. Before the first use, the mug should be washed with a soft sponge using a mild dish liquid.
5. Fill hot drinks, leaving about 2 cm of free space from the top edge of the vessel—do not overfill. Carefully tighten the lid, but do not shake.
6. From time to time, vent the vessel by opening the mouthpiece.
7. Carry in an upright position.
8. Do not heat in microwave ovens, ovens or stoves.
9. Avoid contact with scratch-inducing surfaces.
10. Store the cup open in a dry place.

Pattern: Lowicz

- height - 14,5 cm
- diameter at the top - 9 cm
- diameter at the bottom - 7,5 cm

Capacity: 350 ml

Made of stainless steel, double walls

Holds heat for up to 9 h

Packaged in a box with dimensions: 15 x 10 x 10 cm

Hand wash

Do not wash in the dishwasher, do not use in the oven

Designed by Folkstar in Lowicz


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