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'Krysia' cup in a decorative box 220 ml - black Lowicz pattern

'Krysia' cup - black Lowicz pattern is a combination of elegance and comfort with a hint of folk, which adds to its character. In her every tea tastes like gold, and drinking morning coffee becomes even greater pleasure. Krysia is an excellent choice for a gift for many a gourmet of exquisite drinks, a fan of elegance, a lover of folk... in fact, for everyone :)

The motif decorating the mug 'Krysia' - black Lowicz pattern is inspired by traditional Lowicz paper cut-outs - the most recognizable symbol of Polish folklore.

'Krysia' cup in a decorative box 220 ml - black Lowicz pattern:

  • The black Lowicz pattern is on the entire surface of the cup and on top of the saucer
  • Is packed in a decorative black Lowicz pattern box
  • Permanently applied pattern - dishwasher safe
  • Ready gift - you only need to tie a bow :)

Pattern: Lowicz

Capacity: 220 ml

Made of porcelain

Dimensions of the cup: 

- height - 7 cm 

- diameter at the top - 9 cm 

- diameter at the bottom - 4,5 cm

Dimensions of the plate: 

- height - 1,5 cm 

- diameter - 15 cm

Package dimensions: 

-height - 8 cm, 

-diameter - 16,5 cm

Designed by Folkstar in Łowicz


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