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FOLK sugar basin 'Jadzia' in a decorative box - Kashubian pattern

Sugar from our 'Jadzia' is not fattening! ;)

The 'Jadzia' sugar basin in a decorative box is a perfect companion for friend meetings over coffee or tea, but also an idea for a practical and (literally) sweet gift;)

Are you looking for unique accessories for your kitchen? Or maybe you are a great fan of folklore and your shelf is already bending with folk patterns? In both cases, the 'Jadzia' sugar basin with flowers from Kashubian embroidery is just what you are looking for ;). It will delight not only the Kashubians themselves - it is a great gift idea for anyone to whom you want to show how beautifully and practically traditional folk culture can be used.

The motif decorating the folk sugar basin is inspired by Kashubian embroidery. The main elements of Kashubian floral patterns are: carnations, pansies, clovers, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, lilies, and roses. The sugar basin is made of light, white ceramics, which makes it look very elegant. The pattern covers the entire sugar basin.

The modern printing method enables safe washing in the dishwasher. What is more, our folk sugar basin is packed in a decorative Kashubian box, which makes it a ready gift idea for a unique present for family, friends, or guests from abroad.


'Jadzia' sugar basin in a decorative box- Kashubian pattern:

-packed in a decorative box with Kashubian pattern
-made of ceramics
-pattern covers the entire surface around the sugar basin
-perfect gift idea
-a must-have in every folk kitchen interior


Pattern: Kashubian

Material: ceramics

-height: 8.5cm (including lid)
-diameter: 7cm

decorative box with Kashubian pattern with dimensions of: 9 x 9 x 9 cm


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