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Multifunctional scarf - women from Łowicz

By Saint Jerome, whether it is weather or not, you do not have to worry anymore, because today you will throw away the folk scarf;)

One scarf, many uses. The multi-functional scarf from Łowicz can be worn as you like. It will work as a neckerchief, scarf, headband, armband, hairband, mask, balaclava and even a hat. Watch our video and check out all 10 ways to use a multifunctional scarf.

Put the multi-functional scarf into the bag and use it as needed. Do you need your hair fastened quickly, you left the house without a hat in the heat or in winter without a scarf? Our folk multifunctional scarf will be useful in each of these situations.


Multifunctional scarf - women from Łowicz:

  • it can be worn as a neckerchief, scarf, headband, armband, hairband, mask, balaclava, hat, shawl and pirate
  • all year round - protects against sun in summer, against frost in winter
  • made of stretchy material for better comfort and fit
  • light and space-saving - it can even fit into a small handbag
  • alternative to a mask
  • made of breathable and quick-drying material
  • decorated with the most beautiful folk pattern

Pattern: Lowicz women

Material: 100% polyester

Scarf dimensions: 46 x 25 cm *
* + / - 2 cm

Weight: 130g / m2

Machine wash at 40 °

There is no need to iron

Do not tumble dry

Packaging: cardboard box with a round window

Package dimensions: 14 x 14 cm

10 ways to use a multifunctional scarf

Designed by Folkstar in Łowicz


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